Do you ever wonder what Mobility Resources would be needed by Travellers
to support their Travel Topologies in the Future?
I believe that the next decade will see a rise in technology-led Public Transportation Infrastructure in highly urban hubs like London, UK. For now, I refer to this evolution as the 'Integrated Smart Mobility Ecosystem (ISME).

It can be forecasted that, as emerging Public Interest Technologies prove to be more affordable, and ecologically friendly, an ideal future would be one where citizens recognise the benefits of using public transport over their privately owned alternatives.
However, despite its promises and benefits to the citizens, communities and associated stakeholder organisations, public transportation facilities would have to evolve to become not only cheap and eco-friendly but also accessible and inclusive for them to be adopted on a scale that yields positive impact.
It is perhaps very likely, that the appeal of public transport may not sway some, who prefer the door-to-door comfort while travelling. So what kind of Mobility Resources would be needed by such travellers to support their Travel Topologies in an ideal future where Public Transport is the most convenient way to travel?
I would like to propose a nano-mobility Public Interest Technology of the future- Service for Autonomous Locomotion (S.A.I.L.).
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