Route 1: 'Welcome to Sin-Dia'
Insight: ‘Taboo’ subjects like sexual or period health became taboos due to our socio-cultural landscape, and as Indians, it's difficult for us to forget them.
Idea: Indian women are not the same as women across the world and so we shouldn’t address our health the same way. Instead, we make the conversation real and progressive by bringing it closer to home. Embracing the ‘Indian-ness’ and thereby making them taboo-free.​​​​​​​
Execution: Adapting the desi to our current aesthetic, with real-life scenarios that only we Indian women face. We create relatable content that provokes thoughts, evokes questions towards our cultural judgements and at the same time, chuckles the heart.
Route 2: 'Rood Old Days'
Insight: Generations have slowed down the need of normalising very normal things.
Idea: Get to the root of the problem instead of tip-toeing around it.
Execution: Tell our stories by pointing out parents' reactions to women’s health and well-being. Calling out the older generation, we show that self-care should be discussed openly. Given the number of fights this generation has had to fight, there is a ton of content to engage people. The idea is to show how problematic some acts, phrases, beliefs and the like are common in the older generation. Since every generation believes they are smarter than their predecessors, this would appeal to boomers as much as millennials and Gen Z.