ABOUT ME​​​​​​​
I am a Futurist Designer, Creative Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, with research interests involving venturing into uncharted territories to seek inspiration in the most unexpected places.
At the core of my design philosophy lies sustainable innovation and social entrepreneurship. As a designer and researcher, I am committed to collaborative exploration and empathetic thinking, crafting solutions that make a tangible impact. I specialise in weaving together creativity and strategic vision to build inclusive systems. With a growing passion for multidisciplinary envisioning practices, I'm delving into the realms of futurist research. My professional journey includes substantial experience in creative strategy and social entrepreneurship, and I now attempt to fuse imaginative foresight with practical solutions. I aim to inspire and connect through intuitive designs, while actively contributing to the development of inclusive and sustainable systems.

A social initiative designed to foster a behavioural change for better nutritional habits and a systematic change for optimised preventive healthcare facilities for low-income households in India.
Social Enterprise, 2022
S.A.I.L. (Service for Autonomous and Intelligent Locomotion)
A Nano-Mobility Service for Autonomous and Intelligent Locomotion as the Future of Urban Mobility. Finalist at the prestigious Toyota Logistics Design Competition 2024: https://tldc.toyota-forklifts.eu/
Future Forecasting, Design Innovation, Urban Resilience, 2023
M.A.B.O. (Marine Biodiversity Observatory
Envisioned for Ocean Futures of 2050 where the information gap that exacerbates Unsustainable fishing practices, and subsequent habitat threats, is mitigated.
Design Innovation, Complex Systems Mapping, Envisioning Futures, 2024
The Vegan Leather Project
Delving into the intricate evolution of leather, this project extends to explore the sustainable revolution, focusing on vegan leathers and innovative redesigns like Malai.
BioMaterial Development, Information Architecture, Complex Systems Mapping, 2020